Blogging For Profit – What’s Your Passion?

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Whether you’re looking to supplement your income while working or in retirement, blogging is a great way to do it. You just need a platform, a laptop or computer and internet service. You can do it from anywhere in the world at your convenience and your pace. Even if you just want to express yourself for fun, you probably have years of experience in a particular field or have a passion that you can share with others around the world. That’s right…..around the world.

Why Blogging?

A blog is a website to communicate information and ideas on a specific genre or topic of interest to a group of people that could be anywhere in the world. Using the platform WordPress you can learn how to blog for profit  today on any topic you are passionate about and would benefit others. The idea is to create and share value. Your genre could be broad such as sports or narrow such as pitching horseshoes. Your choice. Think for a minute about all of your experiences, talents and passions. What could you blog about that would keep you inspired and benefit others?

What’s Your Passion?

So what fires you up every day?  What events do you look forward to attending? What do you regularly watch on TV?  What sports did you play when you were younger or still follow today? Your passion could be parenting, photography, playing games such as Poker, or even playing the guitar. Chances are if you like it there are millions of others that could benefit from your passion, experience and ideas.

There are many former educators that have a lot to share. They are experts in their field, have a lot of knowledge and experience and could easily share it with people that have similar interests using a blog.

Do you travel or go on cruises? If so, you have plenty of experience that other people could benefit from. There are millions of people that probably never traveled on a cruise ship. Create a blog and educate others using your experience.

Been married a long time? Imagine how many young people could benefit from years of matrimony. Dating and relationships is a popular genre in the affiliate marketing business.

I have a lot of creative interests, so many that I can’t do them all. I love photography, chess, ping pong, billiards, reading, writing, bowling and many more. I would love to have time to get into woodworking which I think is very interesting because I like working with my hands and creating things. I have never done it but I have looked into to on the internet and visited a woodworking store. I even considered buying a professional table saw. I hope I have stimulated your thinking process to come up with a niche to help you get started.

How To Get Started

Recently I stumbled upon WEALTHY AFFILIATE, a platform that will teach you about blogging, building a website and attracting visitors. It is absolutely free to get started and no credit card is required. WA has over a million members around the world and is very supportive community that will help you along the way, answer questions and even offer constructive criticism to improve your efforts. You will have access to educational videos to guide you through the process of building your website, writing your articles and finding profitable keywords that are searched for using Google, Bing and Yahoo. This link Get Started With WA will get you signed up to start learning how to blog successfully and share your passion with the world. Again, no money is needed, no credit is required. You are ready, no experience is necessary. Get started today!

How To Blog For Profit

There are tons of ways to make money with your blog if that is your intent. Almost all products or brands have some type of affiliate program to help them reach more consumers and sell more products. I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon, the one-stop shop of millions of products purchased online every year. To find more simply use Google to search for affiliate programs and you might be surprised at the everyday brand names you see. Many of their websites have an affiliate link at the bottom for you to become a marketer of their products and earn commissions. At WA you will learn how to use tools and resources to search for valuable keywords that will attract visitors to your websites and links that will in turn generate profits.

Other networks exist such as MAXBOUNTY, CLICKBANK and others that offer many varied products and services that you can market online and earn profits. They are free to become a member and you can get started right away. Maxbounty is free but it does require an application and interview to get approved. I’m an affiliate for both.


Whether you are looking to connect and make friends or blog for profit, WEALTHY AFFILIATE is a great platform with many members around the globe to support you along your journey. You can start today for free and start learning all the benefits of creating a blog/website and share your passion with the world. You will learn how to get ranked in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing(Microsoft) and attract visitors and fans of your expertise.

Share your years of experience, talent and education with the world for fun or profit. Sit back, relax and brainstorm on what niche you’re going to target. Relationships, Golf, Cooking, Travel, Cruising, Sales, whatever you’re interested in could be a niche you can focus on and help others for fun and profit.

No experience is necessary. I’m finding that the more I sit down in front of my laptop and write, the better I get. You can do it too. Don’t let fear of the unknown or procrastination prevent you from doing something you’ve never done before. Just dive in and get started right now! Go to YouTube and search for videos about blogging. You will find that many people started out just to express themselves and found blogging to be not only fun, but profitable too.

Here’s the link again: Wealthy Affiliate. Just Do It.

9 thoughts on “Blogging For Profit – What’s Your Passion?”

  1. Andrea Gatti says:

    Thank you for your advice. Looking for a good method to make money can become very confusing since there is so much information out there that knowing which is the right path can be so much difficult. I love the fact that in modern days we can make money using our passions. Thank you for suggesting WA and giving good advice, it is very useful to have guidance.
    I wish you the best.

  2. Md Mohiuddin says:

    Nicely explained how to choose passion and go with it. Everyone look for proven and tested method to start with, Wealthy Affiliate is one such program.

  3. Robb says:

    Great post. Finding your passion is so important when it comes to blogging. If you are going to write daily you better enjoy the subject lol.

    I’ve heard good things about the wealthy affiliate, i’ll check them out!

    Thanks, Cheers!

  4. Jeff says:

    I am interested in blogging for profit as a possible business in the future, and I have many passions so how would be my best method of narrowing down which of my interests are my best choice to earn an income blogging?


    1. admin says:

      Jeff, I have many interests too. If you want to profit from blogging, I suggest checking out several affiliate marketing networks such as Clickbank and Maxbounty and looking at the product categories for profit potential. For instance the category Health & Fitness has many products to market.

  5. Mariella says:

    Thank you for a very interesting post. At such a time when we are mostly all in lock-down I would definitely be interested in trying this out. I love to write so I think that this would combine my interest with the potential of making money from it. Thank you again

    1. Dwayne says:

      So Mariella……I would love to help you get acquainted with WA. Did I mention it’s free to get started?….sign up here: Thanks, Dwayne

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