This is a review of the amazing Sony A6000. So we will look into buying a digital camera. If you were born in the 50s or even 60s, digital cameras might be something new to you. If you have any experience with cameras you probably dealt with film cameras and remember taking the film to get it processed somewhere, probably the local drug store. Then you had to wait several days and go back to get the photographs.

Well things have changed quite a bit since then. Kodak is no longer with us. The digital age is here and now we can take the photograph and immediately review it. If we don’t like it, just take another one. Awesome.

I actually own this camera and love it. I am a photographer, my website is I also own many other cameras made by Canon, I actually own two of the original full frame sensor Canon 5Ds which debuted in 2005 that I purchased off of Ebay.


Got grandkids? Now I’m not a grandfather yet as my three children have yet to get married and start a family, but I look forward to seeing the family grow with grandchildren one day. I’m ready and waiting to capture all of the great moments with my Sony A6000 as they learn to talk and walk around getting into everything. The experience of capturing those special moments and sharing them with the family is priceless.


So you might be wondering why did I purchase this camera when I already had cameras. Good question. The Canon cameras are used for professional jobs like portrait sessions or studio work. I was looking for a casual use camera that was small, lightweight with excellent quality, but also with the ability to take great photos in low light conditions. I like to have the camera with me because you never know when opportunity for a great shot presents itself. There have been several times when I wish I had it with me and didn’t and missed a great shot. I love making photographs as the sun sets and still be able to get good detail in the shadows. This camera can do it all and I’m glad I chose it.


Let’s take a look at the features of the Sony A6000 camera.

As I said before the camera is small and lightweight. It comes in several colors; black, white and silver and has many optional lenses for the camera to choose from. The camera uses an excellent 24 Megapixel sensor capable of capturing excellent detail with superior quality. Images taken with this camera can be enlarged easily and will look very sharp to the discerning eye. The camera also an amazing autofocus system so you don’t have to worry about trying to get the shot and avoid the photo being blurry, the camera handles that for you.

The camera also shoots at 11fps. That basically means you can take a lot of pictures in continuous mode so you won’t miss the perfect moment in the scene. With digital cameras you can also just delete the photos you don’t want and just take some more!

The camera has the ability to change lenses. You’re not stuck with the one lease that came with the camera like in the old days. There are many lens choices; ultra wide to telephoto for special circumstances. I would recommend getting a standard 16-50mm zoom lens to start with because it is the cheapest way to go and it covers many situations without having to change lenses. You can buy the camera with the lens or just the body. I bought just the body and went with a 55-210 mm telephoto lens. My next purchase would be a wide angle lens for landscapes.

Another great feature of the Sony A6000 is video. Yes! The camera can record video in Full 1080 high definition. So not only can capture photos of your grandkids growing up but video too. Capture all of the special moments like first steps, the first birthday and many more.


There are many places to purchase this camera. I bought mine from Amazon after reading the review there and doing some other research. Sony is known for quality products and you can’t go wrong with Amazon.

Here is the link: Sony A6000 Digital Camera.


Just a few of the features of this camera were covered in this post. The Sony A6000 has many more features including remote control, ability to share photos over wifi, software options, cloud storage and more. This is a great choice for your first digital camera or even a second one. It’s just a superb camera for different types of photography.

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