Do you have a plan to ensure you have enough monthly income after your retirement?  If you are one of the fortunate few that worked at a company that offered a pension after retirement, you’re much better off than the majority of working class citizens.

Have you looked at your social security benefits projections?  If not you can create an account at and you will see your yearly earnings since you’ve been working and your approximate monthly check if your retire at 62 or age 66, the full retirement age.

Once you create an account with Social Security and analyze your earnings and possible benefits at retirement, you may realize you need to make some adjustments to ensure you have enough monthly income when you stop working if you haven’t already.


Because the price of necessities like food and utilities continue to increase year after year, some retirees will have to face the facts and go back to work after retiring from their first job, at least part-time.  The federal government is aware of inflation and makes annual adjustments to social security benefits so retirees can keep up with price increases of products and services.


Of course the earlier you save the better off you will be because of the time value of money.  Remember the money earned in your 401k is tax-deferred, not tax free.   Warning! The IRS will be there waiting once you start making withdrawals to get their share of your hard-earned cash.


Maybe you should put more money into your 401K or other investment every time you get paid in order to supplement your social security and or retirement savings.  With the economy down because of the pandemic, there are definitely opportunities in the stock market that could possibly create some massive profits in the long run.  Consult with a financial planner for best advice and ask about stocks or mutual funds that may generate a good rate of return to supplement your retirement income.


I retired from the corporate rat race at the end of 2016 and started looking for business opportunities to supplement my retirement and maintain a decent standard of living while knowing inflation would take a toll.  One of the things I did was get some training on becoming a Day Trader.  I took a course and learned a great deal about the stock market and making profits in a short period of time, sometimes seconds.

Being a Day Trader is not for the faint of heart!  You can make a lot of money fast and you can also lose a lot of money fast.  It takes discipline and having some rules to follow to minimize losses without getting emotionally involved.  One day I saw my mentor make $38,000 in a couple of hours.  The next day he made $40,000!  In two days he made more than most people make in a year.  As a rookie even I made $3,800 one morning before 9am in pre-market.  The stock  market bell rings at 9:30am EST.


If fast-paced is not your speed, consider another opportunity to supplement your income that I discovered.  It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and is a platform that will teach you how to profit using a website to connect buyers with companies and earn income.  No experience is necessary and you can join for free.  With over one million members worldwide, you’ll belong to a helpful and supportive community with diverse backgrounds.  I’ve already met someone 84 years old who is supplementing his retirement.


You might be thinking you have never had a website or you don’t know what to put on a website.  Believe me with this system you can do it.  No coding is needed and it’s very simple.  What’s your passion?  Golf?  Travel?  Cooking?  Whatever your niche, there is an opportunity to share your experience with the world and make money doing it.  The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is awesome and will take a newbie with no experience and make you an expert in a short period of time.  In just a couple of weeks I have my website up and running and have written several articles.  You’ll learn how to rank on Google, the search engine and attract customers to your website so you can earn income.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Get more info here and get started:  Wealthy Affiliate .   No credit card required.  I will personally help and guide you along the way.  I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks, Dwayne

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